Pastor: Presently conducting a pastoral search.

Pastor Boggia resigned effective June 11, 2017.
li-087 Church Communications: Community Relations, Media and publications:
Wade Jenkins


Missions and Ministries coordinator: Diane Jones


Worship Leader and coordinator: Katie VanCleave

Leading a talented and creative worship team and bring fresh and spirit led worship, Katie conducts the ins and outs of our Music Worship and organizes the scheduling and maintenance of the Music Department.
Katie is also in charge of all of the physical sheet music and books for New Hope.

worship team

Worship Team: James Lawrence, Katie VanCleave, Dianne Jones, David VanWingerden
soundman Visual Arts and Sound: Russ Adair

Managing the PowerPoint, worship visual media and sound board to bring superb presentations each week.


Ushers: Paul Jones, Billie Adler, (not shown) Zach Egloff.

Serving the guests each week.
At New Hope we have several people that serve with their time and love for God in many different ways. The listing below is just a few that should be honored by what they do behind the scenes to help the Pastor keep things running smoothly.

Head Deacon: Dorothy McHutchion

Prayer Coordinator: Sharon Sanborn

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